Приложение №1

к Генеральному соглашению от «____» _________ 2013г.

Форма казахстанского содержания в товарах

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12. Correspondence

12.1. All correspondence according to or related to the Contract shall contain Parties’ requisites and Contract (Purchase Contract) reference number.

12.2. Any correspondence, notifications, reports, requests, claims, statements, approvals, agreements, instructions, orders, certificates or other messages, whether sent by electronic media, or made in writing or in print, requested, approved or issued to any Party by the other Party, hereunder, shall be made beforehand and handed over after getting the notice of receipt by sending of similar registered letter (with return note) using recognized courier service (all postal items shall be sent by prepayment) or by facsimile with correctly specified address of the Party, to which the message is addresses.

12.3. Notification sent by registered (air) mail to the address specified herein shall be deemed delivered provided there is stamp of post office or courier service confirming the mail delivery.

12.4.Notification sent by registered (air) mail to the address specified herein shall be deemed delivered provided there is stamp of post office or courier service confirming the mail delivery.

13. Other Terms

13.1. The Contract shall come into effect from the date of its signing by the authorized representatives of the Parties and is valid until December 31, 2013, and with regard to implementation of the obligations – till the complete execution of obligations, stipulated by the Purchase Contract. In case the guarantee period stipulated in the Purchase Contract specifies a longer period the term of the Contract shall be set up until the term of the guarantee expires.

13.2. All the changes, appendixes and suppliments hereto are an integral part hereof and valid; of they are made in written form and signed by the authorized representatives of the both Parties. The use of fax for signing of the present Contract and the above stated changes, appendixes and supplements is admissible with further exchange of the originals within 5 (five) days from the date of their signing.

13.3. Determination of activity of the separate closes of the Contract shall entail determination of obligations of the Parties, but the Contract Parties will be still responsible for violations, if such have taken a place during executing of excepted terms of the Contract.

13.4. Independently from the other  clauses of the Agreement(Purchase Contract), identifying the other  terms  of termination of the Agreement, (Purchase Contract) the  Buyer has a right to terminate the Agreement immediately,  at any time,  unjudicially  and unilaterally , after  providing the Seller notification about  the termination of the Agreement in written form, 5 days  before estimated termination. The termination of the Agreement (Purchase Contract) on the own  initiative of the Buyer  in accordance with  this Point will not inflict any rights of the Parties. In accordance with this Point, at any cases of termination of the Agreement (Purchase Contract)  the Seller will not be anyhow responsible to the Buyer, excluding responsibility to pay the Seller the cost of in fact received goods  as for  the date of the termination, the payment must be supported by invoice, signed by authorized representatives  of Parties, after implementing  appropriate deduction ( the cost of advance payment, penalty etc.)

13.5. In case of discrepancies between the provisions hereof and Purchase Contract, the provisions hereof shall prevail.

13.6. The expiration of the Purchase Contract (its certain provisions) or termination of the Purchase Contract shall not entail the termination hereof.

13.7. The present Contract is made in Kazakh, Russian and English languages in two copies (each sample on three languages) having equal legal force. In case of any discrepancies between the Russian and English versions the Russian version shall prevail. Appendix №1, 2 is inalienable part of Agreement.

13.8. All the other issues not concerned by the Contract shall be governed by the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation in force.

  1. Legal Addresses and Banking References of the Parties


Altius Petroleum International B.V.,

represented by the Atyrau Branch

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 060006

Atyrau, Azattyk avenue, 78-A

Telephone: 8 (7122) 45-17-22/24/36

Fax: 8 (7122) 45-17-20

TRN: 151000037420

VAT certificate:

Series: 15001 #0005193 dated 06.11.2012 y.

BIN: 990941001199

OKPO: 390899501000 dated 23.09.1999., BC: 27

Bank details:

IBAN: KZ53920NKAC600603103

Kazinvestbank JSC, Almaty








Жанесенов Б.К./Zhanesenov B.K.

Аймақтық директор/Региональный директор/


М.О./М.П./Stamp here


М.О./М.П./Stamp here


Наименование товаров

численность персонала поставщика товаров всего

в том числе резидентов


электронный адрес поставщика

сайт поставщика


БИН (ИНН) производителя товара, которому выдан сертификат СТ-KZ

РНН производителя товара, которому выдан сертификат СТ-KZ

сертификата СТ-KZ

серия сертификата СТ-KZ

Код органа выдачи сертификата СТ-KZ

Дата выдачи сертификата СТ-KZ (дд.мм.гггг)

Каз.содержание в товаре, указанное в сертификате СТ-KZ, %















































(Ф.И.О., должность, подпись)


Жетекші бөлім / Курирующий отдел / Curator department


Заңгер / Юрист / Lawyer


Мердігердің қолы / Подпись Подрядчика / Contractor signature


Бас есепші / Главный Бухгалтер / Chief accountant


Сатып алу бөлімі / Отдел закупок / Purshase department


Орындаушы / Исполнитель / Executor


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