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6. Tare, Packing and Marking of the Goods

6.1. The packaging of the Goods shall be in accordance with normal industry standards or technical requirements and shall provide reasonable security of the Goods during transportation, storage, loading, offloading and also protection from atmospheric effects.

6.2. All boxes shall have the markings.

6.3. The Seller is responsible for damage to the Goods caused as a result of package crippling before the moment of the Goods transfer to the Purchaser in accordance with the Contract.

6.4. The Seller is responsible for damage to the Goods as a result of improper wrapping of the Goods irrespective if the Goods were transferred under the Contract.

6.5. The Purchaser shall not be responsible for return of packing to the Seller.

7. Guarantees

7.1. In case any defect shall be detected by the Purchaser within the guarantee period specified in an appropriate Specification (but not increasing the guarantee period of the Goods manufacturing plant), the Purchaser within the stated period shall send to the address of the Seller a claim for quality of the Goods in accordance with clause 8 of the Contract, and the Seller shall ensure the repair or full or partial replacement of the above Goods for its own account in term not more than 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the date of the above claim, or within 7 (seven) banking days from the date of the above claim shall reimburse the amount transferred by the Purchaser for the defected Goods supplied.

7.2. Guarantee of the Supplier shall not be spread on the case of normal wear of the Goods as well as on cases of damages due to non-observance by the Purchaser of Seller’s technical instructions and recommendations concerning storage of the Goods, its installation, operation and maintenance, as well as a result of improper or wrong execution of work on elimination of defects by the Purchaser carried out without agreement with the Seller.

7.3. The Seller shall reimburse all transport and other expenses born by the Purchaser due to replacement or repair of the Goods at the place of exploitation within the guarantee period.

7.4. The present provision of the Contract shall be applied in case the guarantee period is stipulated for one or another shipment of the Goods that is to be delivered under the Contract.

8. Claims

8.1. All the claims related to the Contract may be submitted by fax and should be confirmed by a registered letter within 10 (ten) calendar days from the moment of the reasons for their submission.

8.2. The Parties shall review the claim within 10 (ten) calendar days from the moment of the claim receipt and provide a reasonable reply.

9. Disputes settlement

9.1. The Parties shall settle all disputes and differences that may arise out of or in connection with the Contract execution by negotiations in term not more than 30 (thirty) days from their start.

9.2. In case the negotiations shall not give positive results all disputes, differences, demands in connection with the Contract or related to its infringement, termination, invalidity shall be solely and finally settled by judicial authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation.

10. Force Majeure

10.1. Neither Party shall bear the responsibility for non execution or delay in the execution of any obligation under the Contract if it is caused by the circumstances that are beyond control of the Party that has not executed its obligations including but not limited to natural disasters, fire, war, strikes and war actions, social commotions, embargo, or other actions that are beyond the Parties control (hereinafter referred to as “Force - Majeure) , for a period that starts from the date stated in notification about the start and finish or estimated date of the Force-Majeure finish sent by the Party that has not executed its obligations subject to the Party that has not executed its obligations shall take all reasonable measures to overcome the Force-Majeure.

10.2. The term of the obligations execution under the Contract shall be automatically prolonged for a period of Force-Majeure. Should Force-Majeure last for more than 3 (three) months, each Party shall have the right to terminate the Contract in regard to the Goods that are not delivered by submitting a prior 7 (seven) days before the expected date of the Contract termination written notification of the other Party. In case of the Contract termination the Seller shall reimburse the Purchaser the prepayment amount at the rate the Goods were not supplied at the moment of the Contract termination without imposing any fines or penalties at the Purchaser.

11. Special Terms

Considering that Purchaser is a subsoil user, and following the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan in force, commitment will be imposed on Purchaser to submit reports to the competent body, The Parties supplement the Contract with this Section as follows:

11.1. Following the RoK Government Decree # 965 dated 20.09.2010 “On approval of forms and Rules for compilation and submission of annual, mid-term, long-term programs for purchase of goods, works and services, reports of subsoil users on purchased goods, works and services and on compliance with staff local content commitment” Seller shall provide Purchaser with a statement on Goods local content, according to the form in compliance with Appendix #2 to the Contract. In the statement number of employees shall be specified as of the date of delivery of the Goods with mandatory quantity of residents and non-residents, Seller shall specify the ratio of local staff salary fund from the total headcount.

11.2. Seller shall be held responsible for fidelity of information specified by it in accordance with this Section.

11.3. Purchaser shall be entitled to check information specified by the Seller in accordance herewith, by sending requests to Seller as well as any organizations and institutions.

11.4. If the fact of non-fidelity of information provided by the Seller in accordance herewith is revealed, Purchaser shall have the right to terminate the Contract by sending Seller a written notice. Therewith, the Contract, with regard to subsequent compliance with contract commitments, shall be deemed terminated from the moment of receipt by Seller of the written notice, with regard to mutual settlements on commitments complied with as at the moment of receipt of notice, Contract will be valid until completion of settlements.

12. Other Terms

12.1. The Contract shall come into effect from the date of its signing by the authorized representatives of the Parties and is valid until complete execution of obligations, stipulated by the Contract. In case the guarantee period stipulated in the Contract specifies a longer period the term of the Contract shall be set up until the term of the guarantee expiry.

12.2. All the changes, appendixes and suppliments hereto are an integral part hereof and valid; of they are made in written form and signed by the authorized representatives of the both Parties. The use of fax for signing of the present Contract and the above stated changes, appendixes and supplements is admissible with further exchange of the originals within 5 (five) days from the date of their signing.

12.3.Independently from the other  clauses of the Agreement, identifying the other  terms  of termination of the Agreement,  the  Buyer has a right to terminate the Agreement immediately,  at any time,  unjudicially  and unilaterally , after  providing the Seller notification about  the termination of the Agreement in written form, 5 days  before estimated termination. The termination of the Agreement on the own initiative of the Buyer in accordance with this Point will not inflict any rights of the Parties. In accordance with this Point, at any cases of termination of the Agreement   the Seller will not be anyhow responsible to the Buyer, excluding responsibility to pay the Seller the cost of in fact received goods as for the date of the termination, the payment must be supported by invoice, signed by authorized representatives of Parties, after implementing appropriate deduction (the cost of advance payment, penalty etc.)

12.4. The present Contract is made in Kazakh, Russian and English languages in two copies (each sample on three languages) having equal legal force. In case of any discrepancies between the Russian and English versions the Russian version shall prevail.

12.5. All the other issues not concerned by the Contract shall be governed by the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation in force.

13. Legal Addresses and Banking References of the Parties


Altius Petroleum International B.V. represented by the Atyrau Branch

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 060006

Atyrau, Azattyk avenue, 78-A

Telephone: 8 (7122) 45-17-22/24/36

Fax: 8 (7122) 45-17-20

TRN: 151000037420

VAT certificate:

Series: 15001 #0005193 dated 06.11.2012 y.

BIN: 990941001199

OKPO: 390899501000 dated 23.09.1999., BC: 27

Bank details:

IBAN: KZ53920NKAC600603103

Kazinvestbank JSC, Almaty





«----------» ЖШС/ЖК

ТОО/ИП «-----------»

«-----------» LLP/IE

Мекенжайы: Қазақстан Республикасы,





ҚҚС бойынша есепке алу туралы куәлігі:

серия № берілген күні ж.


Банктік деректемелер:


«----------» АҚ -------- қаласы

SWIFT BIC: --------

Кбе: --------

Адрес: Республика Казахстан,----


тел/факс: ---------------

e-Mail: --------------

РНН ----------------

Свидетельство о постановке на учет по НДС:

серия ---- № ----- от ---------- г.

БИН: --------------------

Банковские реквизиты:

IBAN: -----------------

в АО «---------------» в г.------------

SWIFT BIC: ------------

Кбе: ---------------

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan,-----------


Tel: -----------------

e-Mail: ----------------

TRN -----------

VAT certificate:

Series ------ No. ------- dated ---------- y

BIN: -------------

Bank details:

IBAN: ----------

Bank ---------” JSC ------- branch

SWIFT BIC: -----------

Beneficiary code: -----




Абишев А.Г./Abishev A.G.

Аймақтық директор/Региональный директор/

Regional Director

М.О./М.П./Stamp here

«---------» ЖШС/ЖК / ТОО/ИП «--------»

«---------» LLP/IE


-------------- / -----

--------/ -----------/


М.О./М.П./Stamp here

Аймақтық директор орынбасары / Заместитель Регионального директора / Deputy Regional Director


Ким Илтэ / Kim Il Tae

Приложение №1 от «---» ---2013 года

к Договору купли-продажи № --- от «---»---2013 года

Спецификация №1


Единица измерения


Цена за единицу

(в тенге) с учетом НДС


(в тенге) с учетом НДС


Труба стальная бесшовная Ø159х6мм ГОСТ 8732-78 Ст20




Труба стальная бесшовная Ø108х6мм ГОСТ 8732-78 Ст20




Труба стальная бесшовная Ø57х6мм ГОСТ 8732-78 Ст20




Условия поставки: DDP г.Атырау, Инкотермс 2010. Пункт назначения: Месторождение «Алимбай».

Срок поставки: в течение 10 (десяти) календарных дней с даты подписания настоящего Приложения

Дата поставки: дата подписания товарной накладной уполномоченными представителями Покупателя о фактическом получении партии Товара в полном объеме.

Условия оплаты: 100 % от общей стоимости Товара, поставляемого по настоящему Приложению, перечисляется Покупателем в течение 20 (двадцати) банковских дней с Даты поставки, при условии предоставления полного пакета товаросопроводительных документов.

Вид денежной валюты: тенге.

Цена Товара: включает стоимость Товара (c НДС), его упаковки, маркировки, погрузки, таможенной очистки и транспортировки до места назначения на выше оговоренных условиях поставки, а также налоги, платежи и обязательные отчисления в бюджет, предусмотренные действующим законодательством Республики Казахстан.

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