Кузнечихинская МОУ

Урок английского языка

7 класс

Учебник “Enjoy English“

Биболетова М. З.

Учитель: Мержвинская В.Ф.

Тема урока: “English – speaking Countries”

Цель урока: обобщить лексический и грамматический материал

по теме; продемонстрировать владение учебным материалом,

умение учащихся использовать его в нестандартной ситуации

(игровом уроке); повысить интерес к изучению английского языка.

Оснащение урока: учащиеся поделены на 5 групп, каждая из

которых представляет свою страну на саммите англо-говорящих


Перед каждой группой флаг ее страны и дидактический материал.

Магнитофон, карта страны.

Ход урока

Организационный момент. Введение в сюжет урока.

Учитель: On behalf of the United Nations Organization I am delegated

to open the summit of the English-speaking countries. The topic of

our discussion is some problems of learning English at school. But

at first introduce yourselves, please. Let’s begin with the United

States of America.


1 ученик: I’m from the United States of America. It is one of the most

powerful and advanced countries in the world. It stretches from the

Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west and from

Canada in the north to Mexico in the south. The capital of the USA

is Washington, though some people think it’s New York. This famous

city is the financial and cultural center of the USA. The USA has the

third largest population in the world. English is the official language in

the USA.

Учитель: What is the second important language in the USA and its


2 ученик: The second important language in the USA is Spanish.

My country’s motto is “ In God We Trust ”.

Учитель: What’s your problem?

3 ученик: It’s grammar.

Great Britain

1 ученик: I’m from the United Kingdom. My country is an island state

It’s one of the world’s smallest countries – it’s twice smaller than

France or Spain. However, there are only nine countries with more

people, and London is the world’s seventh biggest city.

In Britain you can meet people of many different nationalities.

The capital of the UK is London. The official language is English.

Учитель: What is English made up of?

2 ученик: English is made up of Anglo- Saxon, French and Latin.

It also includes a lot of words from Greek and other languages,

even Russian.

Учитель: What’s your problem?

3 ученик: Our problem is vocabulary.


1 ученик:

I’m from Canada, the second largest country in the world. It’s nearly

as big as all of Europe. My country shares with the USA seven of the

world’s largest lakes and also has three of the world’s longest rivers.

The capital of Canada is Ottawa. In Canada there are people of

many nationalities. There are two official languages in my country,

English and French. English spoken in Canada is a bit different from

British English: there are some pronunciation and grammatical differences.

Учитель: What does the Canadian flag show?

2 ученик: The red and white Canadian flag shows a leaf of the maple tree, which grows in North America. The maple leaf is the official emblem of Canada.

Учитель: What’s your problem?

3 ученик: It is pronunciation.

New Zealand

1 ученик: I’m from a small and quiet country in the Pacific Ocean.

My country consists and of two main islands. When it’s summer in

Europe, it’s winter in New Zealand. But the school year still starts in

autumn - in February.

The capital of New Zealand is Wellington. The population of my

Country is mixed. Our official languages are English and Maori.

Учитель: How is New Zealand sometimes called and why?

2 ученик: New Zealand is sometimes called “ The World’s Biggest

Farm ”. It is famous for its products: butter, cheese, meat.

Учитель: What’s your problem .

3 ученик: It is reading.


1 ученик: My country is the biggest island and smallest continent in

the world. Australia is the only country in the world which occupies

a whole continent and some islands around it. It lies between the

Indian and the Pacific Oceans. It’s a large country, but its popula-

tion is only 18.3 million people. There are “original Australians” who

lived here long ago but most of population come to Australia from

Britain, Ireland and other countries years ago. At present in Austra-

lia there are a lot of people from Russia. The capital of Australia is

Canberra. English is the official language in Australia.

Учитель: How is Australia called sometimes?

2 ученик: Sometimes Australia is called “the Lucky Country “.

Учитель: What is your problem?

3 ученик: Our problem is listening to the tape.

Учитель: As you know people speak different kinds of English

Ianguage. The main of them are British and American variants.

But people won’t have any difficulties in understanding because

the vocabulary and grammar are very much the same, though

they call some things in America and Great Britain differently.

This task is for Great Britain.

Все группы учащихся получают задания для решения своих



Find the mistake and correct it.

a) Nick have gone to work in Canada.

b) When did your family visited the USA?

c)We was in London last year.

d) They already collected the books from Mr. Brown.

e)My friend have travelled by boat from Australia to New Zealand

last summer.

f)He have just finished reading.

Great Britain

Match the Russian words with their Britain and American variants. 1)Осень -fall, autumn.

2) Грузовик – lorry, truck.

3) Кинофильм – film, movie.

4) Кинотеатр – movies, cinema

5) Конфета – candy, sweet.

6) Печенье ­- cookies, biscuits.

7) Жареный картофель – fries, chips.

8) Плита – сooker, stove.

9) Cвитер – jumper, sweater.

10) Брюки – pants, trousers.

11) Лифт – lift, elevator.

12) Метро – underground, subway.

13) Почтальон – postman, mailman.


Name the words from the vocabulary on the topic with the

following sounds:

Asia, underground, North America, language, nationality,

success, population, award, knowledge, continent, exciting,

Europe, collect, America.

[ ]

[ ]

[ ]

[ ]

[ ]

New Zealand

Read the text and choose the right sentence after the text:

In modern times, when science and technical knowledge are

progressing so fast, all kinds of specialists need foreign languages

in their work – teachers and doctors, politicians and actors,

engineers and businessmen, and people of many other professions.

If a person doesn’t know foreign languages, he can’t hope

to know all the news in his field.

a) people need foreign languages in their work;

b) people don’t need foreign languages in their work;

c) don’t know.


Listen to the cassette and check if you were right:

These are the most commonly spoken languages in the world:

[ ] Russian [ ] Chinese [ ] Hindi

[ ] Spanish [ ] English

Which language do most people speak in the world?

Which is the most popular second language in the world?

Учитель: And now let’s make up solutions of our problems.

На карточках ученики составляют из слов решения.

Каждая страна по своей проблеме.

The USA: grammar / to / rules / know

Great Britain: words / learn / to

Canada: drill / to / sounds

New Zealand: practise / to / reading

Australia: to / the / listen / to / tape

Решения зачитываются. Карточки помещаются в конверт.

Учитель: Where shall we mail your solutions?

Предполагаемый ответ: To Russia, to Russian students.

Дополнительно всем участникам:

Учитель: What is your country famous for?

What would you do for children if you were a president

of your country?

Учащиеся дают произвольные ответы.

Учитель благодарит всех за работу, выставляет оценки.